Flip a Coin!

Did you ever use the old “flip a coin” method to make a decision? 

What’s interesting about that is you actually don’t need the coin to hit the ground. Once that coin is in the air you secretly hope it lands one way or the other, right? Or when the coin doesn’t land on the side you “secretly” wanted it to you could say, “best out of three…”

Many of us look to others or use other methods to make decisions for us for fear that we are either making the wrong decision, or we don’t want the responsibility, or don't want to disappoint anyone and deal with the consequences. It could almost feel like we are more worried about what others think if we actually were to follow through on what we REALLY want.

As a coach, I don’t tell my clients what to do or tell them what their goals need to be. The truth is that you already know deep down what you want but there is something that is holding you back. My job is to help you identify what it is that is holding you back and finally have a voice and speak your truth, regardless of what others might think of you. I also give you the space to have your own thoughts and be heard without judgment. How you feel is not wrong or right, black or white. You have the opportunity to create whatever it is that you want.

It’s time to stop hanging out in the waiting room of your life. This is not a dress rehearsal!

Forget about “doing the right thing” because the “right thing” doesn’t actually exist, unless it’s YOUR truth or YOUR value. What do YOU believe in? What do YOU want to spend your time here on earth doing? It’s all completely possible once you believe it and speak YOUR truth and stand up for what you believe in every day. No one said it was easy, but when you break away from the pack you are able to get ahead and create the life you always dreamed of having!

So no coin flipping here – You already know what you want!