The Desired Life 12-Week Private Coaching Program

  •  Have you been asking yourself the same questions over and over and don't know how to move past your fears? Are you completely fed up with the way your life has been going and WANT a change? Do you wish to start living your life as you are now and stop constantly waiting until everything is "perfect?"

  • I will give you the tools you need to discover what your own unique gifts are so you can start to live your life on purpose and make a huge impact in the world!

  • We will work on building your confidence so you can achieve anything and feel great about your decisions and finally start to take action and move forward and stop living in regret!           

  • The Desired Life 12- Week Private Coaching Program will consist of:

    • Determining Your Dreams and Desires
    • Identifying your unique gifts and strategy to live out your purpose
    • Boosting your self-confidence, knowing your worth and creating healthy boundaries
    • Uncovering your relationship to Money and transforming your Money Legacy
    • Confident decision making regardless of what others think
    • How to overcome and deal with self-sabotage/breakdowns
    • Addressing your fears
    • Goal Setting skills & Accountability/Integrity

Once you've DECIDED you've had enough and you're ready for a change and want to fulfill your purpose and live a happier life, I invite you to click the button the best applies to your current situation (please note: these buttons will lead you to my calendar where you can schedule a call w/ me and complete an application for coaching. Please only schedule a call if you are ready & willing to invest in these services.):



Due to limited private coaching availability, I do have expectations for my clients just as my clients have significant expectations for me as their coach. I expect my clients to SHOW UP for every coaching call on time with and OPEN mind and motivation for change.


*** Lost Someone Special in your life? I can relate. I am here for you if you need someone to talk to. I know how hard it can be to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. A lot gets put in perspective very quickly. My experience with Coaching has been an extremely positive one. Contact me and let's discuss how I can help you keep moving forward and take charge of your life once and for all! I am truly passionate about this work and how it has changed my life. My life's purpose is to help you too.***

*A percentage of all package prices is donated to the American Heart Association & American Stroke Association. If you have a different charity or association in mind that you would like to donate to instead, I would be happy to oblige.