About Me

The Beginning

Growing up, I always knew I was meant to make a BIG IMPACT in the world! However, I always found myself stuck in boring desk jobs that did not light me up AT ALL. From a very young age I knew I was destined to help others and inspire change. I also knew I wanted a to be an entrepreneur and have a job that didn't feel like work; a career that blended my interests, and a job that I jumped out of bed each morning and got excited about! I wanted to have a presence in someone's life that sparks a ripple effect that will continue to positively impact others. I remember getting so excited thinking about creating the job I wanted but then got discouraged when I told myself that kind of job didn't exist! I found myself saying, "just suck it up and go back to your 9-5 desk job. No one you know truly likes their job so at least you're not the only one." My moto was, "another day, another dollar...just get through it and get your paycheck." Clearly,  I felt stuck and miserable!

The Turning Point

Just a few months before my wedding, my father passed away suddenly at the age of 57 from a massive heart attack due to less than stellar eating habits and an insane amount of stress. That's when I decided to WAKE UP and stop playing small and finally TAKE ACTION and pursue my dreams and desires...I decided this was NON-NEGOTIABLE!  That saying, "Life is too short" really hit home for me and I knew I needed to TAKE BACK MY LIFE! So I decided to INVEST in myself for the first time in my life and I hired my own Life Coach to gain clarity on what my next steps should be regarding fulfilling my life's purpose. Through experiencing this mindset work with my coach and realizing how powerful it is and how it changed MY life (Oh Lord did it change EVERY aspect of my life!), I decided that Coaching was my calling. In one of my first sessions I told my coach that I've been to several different therapists to try and heal and get "unstuck" in my life but it never helped. In just one session with my coach she made me realize that the best way I can honor my father is to stop playing small and LIVE MY LIFE the way I was always meant to- be my own boss and do what I love while inspiring others to do the same! I finally felt empowered enough to make that happen! (I want this same result for you!)


So I took a leap of faith, did my research, and enrolled in a Coaching Certification Program! My message to all of my clients is that it may be too late for me to help my father but it's not too late for me to help you! My goal is to make sure you are fulfilling your life's purpose so you can create a happier life. You need to start sharing your unique gifts, LIVING your life on your own terms, and taking care of yourself with confidence NOW!
As a Certified Coach, I am here as an unwavering hand, holding for you the highest version you have for yourself, through all of your self-doubts and fears, until you can hold this space for yourself. I am the support and stretch you need to make the decision to make this time different and become the best version of you, to start living the life you want, and to begin showing up for yourself in ways you never have before!

Don't waste another second. NOW IS YOUR TIME!

It's never too late to dream and decide to live the life you DESIRE and know you were destined to create!

I just want you to know that after our conversation, I’m looking at things differently, changing old thought patterns and finally in a good place to start finally living my life. Thank you!
— Lisa G.
...so heading into this whole Health Coaching thing I was a bit skeptical but looking for help in any way, shape or form. I am happy to say that I am so happy I did this for myself. The conversations are about ME and what foods give ME energy and the workouts that get ME out of bed. There is no strict regimen, no cutting foods and no restrictive mindsets. You have taught me how to live with words like MORE, BETTER and BUILD. So am I meeting me goals? YUP! THANK YOU!!
— Francesca O.
Good Morning! I just want you to know that you are definitely making an incredible impact on my life...Keep doing what you’re doing!
— Christine A.