What is a Life Coach and What EXACTLY Do I Do?

Where do you see yourself in a year from now? What about 5 years from now?

What if you were in the exact same spot you're in now and never achieved your goals or got what you wanted in that time?

Why do you need me?

You can absolutely do everything on your own so what value do I add? 

I work specifically with women in their 30s and 40s who are ready to make a change or shift in their career who want to fulfill their life's purpose and create happier lives. 

Sometimes women don't know what to do to change their situation if they are unhappy in their career, but more often it's that we are stuck in our patterns and continue to be paralyzed by fear!

So why is it so important to have a Coach? I have been trained to get you thinking outside the box and build your confidence. Things don't always have to be black and white. There is many possibilities to explore and it pains me to see so many women suffer in their careers when their unique gifts are meant to be served elsewhere!

So many clients tell me, "I got into this career because {someone} told me I SHOULD." Sound familiar??

My first question is, "Well, what do YOU want??"

If you know you were meant for something greater in your life and tired of playing small, I'm here to help you find out what your unique gifts are so you can start sharing it with the world! It is completely possible to fulfill your purpose and create a happier life...and I'll show you HOW! 

When working with me you bridge the gap between "I want to do it" and "I DID IT!"