Flip a Coin!

Did you ever use the old “flip a coin” method to make a decision? 

What’s interesting about that is you actually don’t need the coin to hit the ground. Once that coin is in the air you secretly hope it lands one way or the other, right? Or when the coin doesn’t land on the side you “secretly” wanted it to you could say, “best out of three…”

Many of us look to others or use other methods to make decisions for us for fear that we are either making the wrong decision, or we don’t want the responsibility, or don't want to disappoint anyone and deal with the consequences. It could almost feel like we are more worried about what others think if we actually were to follow through on what we REALLY want.

As a coach, I don’t tell my clients what to do or tell them what their goals need to be. The truth is that you already know deep down what you want but there is something that is holding you back. My job is to help you identify what it is that is holding you back and finally have a voice and speak your truth, regardless of what others might think of you. I also give you the space to have your own thoughts and be heard without judgment. How you feel is not wrong or right, black or white. You have the opportunity to create whatever it is that you want.

It’s time to stop hanging out in the waiting room of your life. This is not a dress rehearsal!

Forget about “doing the right thing” because the “right thing” doesn’t actually exist, unless it’s YOUR truth or YOUR value. What do YOU believe in? What do YOU want to spend your time here on earth doing? It’s all completely possible once you believe it and speak YOUR truth and stand up for what you believe in every day. No one said it was easy, but when you break away from the pack you are able to get ahead and create the life you always dreamed of having!

So no coin flipping here – You already know what you want!

Coaching vs. Therapy - What's the Difference?


Are you wondering how my Coaching services is different from Therapy?
Are trying to determine which service is right for you?

First of all, I am addressing this question because I have been asked a lot lately and I want to clear up some of the confusion...

One thing I want to share is just my own experience with coaching vs therapy. I am not afraid to admit that I've been to therapy. In fact, I think it's beneficial for everyone to see someone about any struggles you may be having. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In my opinion, if you are open to talking to someone than it will only benefit you in the end! So, if you are currently in therapy or have done some therapy in the past, good for you for taking that step!

When my father passed away I was numb for a long time but I was having some trouble concentrating and coping sometimes. There were days where I just couldn't get out of bed or sat up at 3am just sobbing uncontrollably. I then made the decision to go see someone about it. I went to counselingfor about 3 months and realized something - Why am I always living in the past?! Why am I talking about the same things over and over and re-living the same patterns and thoughts that are keeping me stuck in this rut?! I questioned whether or not therapy was keeping me stuck or moving me forward. In my case, it was keeping me stuck and supporting me in my feelings instead of STRETCHING me to get out of my comfort zone and stop playing the victim in my life.

I knew I needed to get out of this rut and finally MOVE FORWARD!

THAT'S WHEN I MADE A DECISION! I had always questioned my purpose in life and always knew I was meant for something more. PLUS, I could hear my father saying, "Stop sulking and DO something about it!" I knew he wouldn't want me to stay stuck in this rut, but rather, he would want me to stop playing small and the only way to honor him is to BE the strong, intelligent, independent, no-nonsense woman that he raised! I realized that all along he was grooming me to be independent and to keep going no matter what!

Once I MADE THAT DECISION to keep MOVING FORWARD, I hired my own Life Coach.

What happened next? HOLY SHIT! Within just two sessions with my Coach everything became clear to me! I realized things about myself and was starting to be open to other ways of thinking which opened up so many possibilities for me! THIS IS THE "THING" THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE FOR ME! I have never been happier and I'm finally living the life I want, on my own terms! The truth is I got more out of just two sessions with my Life Coach than I did in almost 5 years of therapy (I've been to therapy before my father passed away)!!

I believe that these breakthroughs happened because coaching focuses strictly on creating what you WANT and moving you FORWARD into that vision. Therapy, on the other hand, focuses on a specific problem but very rarely gives you the necessary tools, support, accountability and STRETCH that is needed to get you out of survival mode and towards living your DESIRED LIFE! This is why people are in therapy for YEARS and their progress is sometimes minimal. I started to see shifts in my life in just the first month with my coach! I've been doing this work for over a year now and I can honestly say that I am living the life I have always dreamed of having!

As a Coach, my goal is to MOVE YOU FORWARD by shifting your mindset and changing your behaviors and, ultimately, follow through in a way that you never have before!

If you are STUCK in your life right now it's because of thoughts and beliefs that you are unaware/unconscious of that are running your life. Together, we can easily uncover those so they will never keep you stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled again! If you are blaming your circumstances or things around you for why you are not happy or unfulfilled, this is exactly what is happening. The great news is IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

So, Therapy or Coaching?
It really comes down to these questions:



This opportunity can be your Day 1 or continue to be the thing you do "one day" - You Decide!

Another day gone is another day you could've started to make the change to live your DESIRED LIFE!


What's So Wrong With Having A Coach as an adult?

Nicole Stasi - Certified Confidence and Lifestyle Coach

Nicole Stasi - Certified Confidence and Lifestyle Coach

Okay, so there is a lot of buzz lately about Coaches...there is Life Coaches, Transformational Coaches, Health Coaches, Visibility Coaches, *Confidence Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Business Coaches, Empowerment Coaches and the list goes on and on! I'm going to be real with you...they are all the same! We all have the same training and we will all work on whatever it is that is keeping you from having the life that you want. Your LIFE consists of EVERY SINGLE area you can think of!  As Coaches, we are trained to ask you specific questions that no one else will dare ask you. The technique is for you to dig deep and actually say OUT LOUD what your problem is. The truth is that deep down you already know what's holding you back but you continue to push it to the back of your mind because it might either be too painful to deal with or you're just plain lazy! (I just got harsh for a second!) Whether you're looking to lose weight, find a man, get a promotion, find your purpose, etc. it all comes down to one thing - YOUR CONFIDENCE!

Now it baffles me that some people dismiss Coaches and don't find their work to be credible. Let me paint a picture for you to prove you wrong...

From the time your mother spent hours in labor with you until maybe about high school you've had a coach or someone to guide us through life or tell us what to do (sometimes whether we liked it or not!), right?

Then all of a sudden we are sent out into the real world and it's like someone dropped us off in the middle of nowhere with no food, no money, no water or clothes... Let's face it, you've officially started your own series of Survivor! Let's Get Through Life! Overnight it feels like you have all of these responsibilities...find a job, make money to pay your bills, put a roof over your head and you dream of not eating ramen noodles every night! THEN on top of it all, you're supposed to be happy! WTF!

What's worse is that looking back you feel like every decision you ever made has been the wrong one. You find yourself looking in the mirror saying, "How the hell did I get here? What am I doing wrong?! How come everyone else is happy and I'm sitting here forcing a smile pretending like 'it's all good!'?!"

In my case, I can't tell you how many times I looked up in the mirror and wanted to shed a tear because I was completely miserable and didn't accomplish anything I set out to do and now I was just trying to "get by" every day. Day after day I would try to accept my mediocre job, my mediocre life, living paycheck to paycheck...but it was SO HARD! I couldn't force that smile ANY longer!

Anyway, my point is that maybe if we all continued to have coaches after High School and College than maybe we would be in a better place. We would have achieved our goals faster and gotten clarity in what we wanted to do (Let's be serious- they ask you to pick a major in college when you're 17- who the F knows what they want to be when they are 17?!?!). That really upsets me. I feel like I wasted lots of time and money being confused!

In summary, the reason for this post is to remind you that Coaches keep you accountable to your goals and help you achieve them MUCH FASTER! Coaches come in all forms- teachers, sports coaches, members of the clergy, etc, So why was it perfectly normal to have Coaches surround us and guide us until high school or college, but it's not something we think of having as an adult? A time when having a coach is most important! As adults, we have more responsibility, less time, and A LOT MORE STRESS!

So, how do you like me now?

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